This startup is no longer in business. For more information about the current research status of the calibration device please contact Raul Acuña.

The Problem of Camera Calibration

Calibrating a camera is a challenging but often necessary task to use the full potential of this versatile sensor. Current solutions require expert knowledge as well as additional manual effort to execute the calibration procedure.

With our new, patented technology a camera can be calibrated out of the box without prior knowledge and minimal effort. Our solution can be used in R&D for fast prototyping but can also be adapted to larger quantities of calibrations for example in a production line.

Key Features of Our Solution


With our method, anyone without special knowledge can calibrate cameras in seconds.

Fully Automatic

Calibrating a camera has never been so easy. Just connect your camera to our calibration system and let the software do the rest.


More than a million point correspondences cover the camera’s entire field of view, allowing high precision calibration results.


No movement of the camera or the calibration targets is required. Calibrate your camera with a single pose.

Areas of Application:


We are looking for pilot project partners and we customize our system to your needs.

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Caliberation is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST start-up grant.

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